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LDJ Elcetromagnetic Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
Electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the precise measurement of the conductive fluid flow meter. It has no moving parts, no resistance flow components, the measurement results and fluid temperature, pressure, viscosity, density, liquid-solid composition ratio and conductivity changes. Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in chemical, food, environmental protection, metallurgical and other industries in a variety of corrosive liquids, mud, sewage, beverages, liquid and other accurate measurement. The series of products, measuring a wide range of high precision, easy operation, good reliability. Measurement instrument license: Anhui system 01000018 number.

Electromagnetic flowmeter has a certain excellent performance, can solve other flowmeters are not easy to solve the measurement problems, such as dirty sewage, corrosion flow flow measurement. Electromagnetic flowmeter widely used in large-scale electromagnetic flowmeter used in water supply and drainage works, small and medium diameter flow meter used in high demand or difficult to test occasions, such as the steel industry blast furnace cooling water control, small diameter small diameter flow meter commonly used Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biochemistry and other health requirements of the place.

■ Structure and system composition
LDJ electromagnetic flowmeter structure shown in Figure 1, by the electromagnetic flow transmitter and intelligent converter components.For the base product, the output standard signal and display instrument composition flow meter, or the output signal into the computer, recorder, regulator, etc., to achieve different functions.
For on-site display products, intelligent flow meter to increase the flow of instantaneous volume, flow accumulation of the LCD display, to achieve on-site instructions, signal transmission, but also increase the alarm, communication and many other intelligent features.

■ Functional principle
Electromagnetic flowmeter, the flow of conductive fluid flow velocity V for the magnetic field of the magnetic field B movement, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, between the two electrodes induced electromotive force E to generate voltage U. Since the pipe diameter D is constant and the excitation current is constant and the magnetic flux density B is constant, U and Q are linear, that is, the volume flow is proportional to the voltage between the electrodes, and the U value is measured. After the circuit conversion, the volume flow Q value.

■Nominal diameter, lined material and flow range
Nominal diameter(mm) Flow range(m³/h) Lining material
20 0.28~6.8 F4
25 0.42~10.6 F4
32 0.8~19 F4
40 1.08~27 Rubber、F4
50 1.68~42 Rubber、F4
65 3~75 Rubber、F4
80 4.32~108 Rubber、F4
100 6.8~169 Rubber、F4
125 12~275 Rubber、F4
150 15.2~381 Rubber、F4
200 27~678 Rubber、F4
250 42.4~1060 Rubber、F4
300 61~1526 Rubber、F4
350 85~2200 Rubber、F4
400 108~2712 Rubber、F4
450 138~3460 Rubber、F4
500 168~4240 Rubber、F4
600 300~6100 Rubber、F4
700 415~8480 Rubber
800 540~1085 Rubber
900 690~13740 Rubber
1000 850~16960 Rubber
1200 1250~24400 Rubber
1400 1700~33920 Rubber
1600 2500~43400 Rubber
1800 3000~54960 Rubber
2000 3500~67840 Rubber
Remark: The recommended value is listed in the table, and the upper limit flow is allowed to be increased by 20% when necessary.
When ordering, please specify the required measurement range, if the flow should be expanded, please specify the specific order.

■ Adopting standard and technical parameters
One.   Implementation of standards: JB / T9248-2000 electromagnetic flowmeter
Two.   Accuracy class: 0.5 level
Three.  Contact with the lining material and fluid temperature ℃
Rubber: -20 ~ + 65 ℃
PTFE: -30 ~ +120 ℃high temperature type -30 ~ 150 + ℃
Four.  Nominal diameter (mm): see the table on the special negotiable
Five.  Rated working pressure
DN20-DN80 4.0MPa, 1.6MPa
DN100-DN150 1.6MPa
DN200-DN1000 1.0MPa
DN1200-DN2000 0.6MPa
Out of normal working pressure
Six.  Power supply and power consumption
Power supply 220VDC ± 10%; 50Hz ± 5%; 24VDC power ≤ 30W
Seven.  Output signal: 4-20mA pulse signal (load resistance 0-500Ω)
Eight.  Intelligent converter function: On-site LCD display instantaneous, cumulative flow, all Chinese menu operation, conductivity, excitation current detection and other self-test and self-diagnostic function, 0-500Hz pulse output, forward and reverse flow detection output, a variety of alarm , Optional MODBUS, RS232, 485 or REMOTE (HART) communication interface.

Applicable scope
One.  Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement of the liquid must be conductive liquid, the conductivity is generally greater than 5μs / cm, which in addition to pure petroleum products, distilled water and other non-conductive liquid, can be applied. Such as various acid-base solution, water, beverage, beer, wort, milk, fruit pulp, metal salt solution, pesticide, pulp, etc., for which contains solid impurities in the conductive liquid can also be measured.
Two.  According to the different pH of the medium, choose different materials electrode, the standard product electrode material is SUS316, or molybdenum-containing stainless steel, applicable to most occasions, individual special occasions, the use of special products, electrode material for tantalum, C and so on, such as seawater election Hastelloy C, nitric acid, sulfuric acid election tantalum (Ta)
Three.  Ambient temperature is generally: -10 ~ +45 ℃special consultation -40 ~ +60 ℃relative humidity of 5% -95%
Four.   to avoid sun and rain, to have shade rain facilities.

■ Connection size and installation requirements
One. Flange connection, the general implementation of JB / T81 ~ 86 ~ 1994, GB / T9119, special requirements by order.
Two. Upstream pipe straight pipe at least 5 times the nominal diameter length, downstream up to 2 times, when there are blocking components, should follow the table to perform

Resistance flow Downstream straight pipe length Upstream straight pipe length
Regulating valve More than 5D More than 10D
Full open gate valve More than 2D More than 5D
Elbow, T-tube and so on More than 2D More than 5D
Note: D is the nominal diameter of the transmitter(mm)

Three. The dimensions of the integrated flowmeter are as follows

■ shape and installation size table(mm)

One. Diameter 10-200 lined with PTFE, the length of the sensor L to increase the thickness of the grounding ring 10mm, diameter 250 or more.
The length of the sensor L is increased by 16 mm. Separate flameproof sensor height dimension increased by 30mm. Diameter 10-15, the sensor
length is divided into 150mm and 200mm, 150mm for the two-electrode structure, 200mm for the three-level structure, the diameter of 20, 25, 40,
and 250 are dimensioned for user requirements. B is split size.

● Wiring according to the following application requirements
One.  Only need to display the cumulative instantaneous amount, the external power supply 220VAC access L1, L2 can be.
Two.  Also request output 4-20mADC, then the output signal line connection 1 + and COM; if the request pulse frequency signal, the output signal line can be connected to P + and COM.
Three.  For the special requirements of the upper and lower limits of traffic alarm and RS232 and RS485 signal transmission, when ordering, the company commissioned by the contract, the customer can be wired.
Four. Wiring ends should be carefully removed from the insulation sheath, shielding layer can not be damaged, the core wire from the shield layer of metal wire out, should be on the outside to the insulation sleeve, to prevent the shield and the core contact short circuit.
Five. In the laying of the cable, the cable in the steel pipe and other cable (such as motors, transformers and other power lines) together, the steel shell connected to the earth.
Six. Converter housing ground terminal PE should be not less than 1.6mm² copper wire access to the earth, grounding resistance is not greater than 10Ω.

■ Ordering Inion
One.  Product classification and model preparation
Two. Please fill in the order when ordering, if there are special instructions or difficult to fully express, with text description.
Three. Please clear the following parameters
Nominal diameter measured medium name, temperature, pressure
Upper limit flow model name
Whether it is necessary to match the flow display totalizer
Output current value Model name
Piping Installation Others.


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