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Hefei high-tech zone technology avenue, number 75

LWGY-B Double-Case Electronic Turbine Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
The LWGY-B dual-body electronic turbine flowmeter (Model LWB), produced by Hefei Precision Instrument, is a specially designed turbine flowmeter consisting of a flow transmitter and an XSL-58 electronic display meter. Custom, also known as removable electronic water meter. The fine two-body electronic turbine flowmeter changes the flow of the medium into the speed of the impeller, detects the electrical signal from the magneto-sensitive element, and generates a positive pulse signal with an amplitude greater than 1V. The input of the electronic display head directly reflects the instantaneous Traffic and cumulative traffic.

The fine double-type liquid turbine flowmeter draws on the design advantages of various speed flowmeter. At the same time, it has introduced advanced foreign technology with detachable structure, good interchangeability, accurate and clear reading, long service life, acid and alkali resistance Features that are ideal for oil, chemical and water systems that can meet certain specific requirements for flow meters.

■ Product use
The dual-type electronic turbine flowmeter is suitable for the metering and control of cooling water and hot and cold sewage in the fields of steel, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, brewing and so on. It is especially suitable for high-pressure water injection measurement in oilfield. Stainless steel type twin turbine flowmeter for a variety of low viscosity chemical liquid flow measurement.

■ Product Features
One.  Removable structure: The biggest advantage of this product is that, without removing the entire flow meter from the pipeline, you can remove the watch from    the shell, you can reduce the labor intensity, but also improve efficiency, if the spare , You can do not stop the maintenance and effectiveness of water meter.
Two.  Easy wearing parts: easy disassembly and maintenance, low maintenance costs.
Three. Accurate and convenient data entry: the introduction of advanced electronic technology, accurate and clear reading, the display can simultaneously display the instantaneous value and cumulative value, without numerical conversion, in addition, can be measured and easy to take the prospective value.
Four.  Power consumption: 1 # imported zinc manganese battery three, life of 2 years, easy to use, safe and reliable; with 4-20mA signal output to external power supply,
Five. Adaptability: instrument on the measured medium has a wide adaptability, high temperature and oil-bearing sewage, and different pH of the liquid. Pressure loss is small, high efficiency, long life.
Six.  Measurement instrument license number: Anhui system 01000018 number.

■ Technical parameters
1. LWGY-B series Technical parameters of removable dual - body electronic turbine flowmeter
Nominal diameter(mm) Measurement level Max flow Nominal flow Boundary flow Minimum flow Nominal pressure
25 grade A 7.0 3.5 1.2 0.6 1-35
grade B 0.7 0.35
40 grade A 30 15 5 2.5 1-35
grade B 3 1.5
50 grade A 40 20 6 3 1-35
grade B 4 2
80 grade A 80 40 12 6 1-35
grade B 10 5
100 grade A 120 60 18 9 1-35
grade B 15 7.5
150 grade A 300 150 45 22 1-2.5
grade B 38 4.5
200 grade A 500 250 75 35 1-2.5
grade B 62 28
250 grade A 800 400 120 55 1-2.5
grade B 100 45
300 grade A 1200 600 180 80 1-1.6
grade B 150 70
400 grade A 2000 1000 300 150 1-1.6
grade B 250 125
500 grade A 3000 1500 450 225 1-1.6
grade B 360 180
Note: Nominal traffic is the recommended best working flow, the boundary flow is to ensure that the measurement of the lower limit of the flow rate,
the minimum flow that is the starting flow.
Pressure expansion: DN150, DN200 up to high pressure 2.5MPa, DN300 up to high pressure 6.3MPa; DN400, DN500 up to 4.0MPa.

Two. Flowmeter use temperature
Normal type: 0-80 ℃High temperature type T: 0-110 ℃(special order)
Three. Material

Common type: Housing carbon steel Rotor components: stainless steel
Corrosion resistant type B: housing, rotor assembly stainless steel

Four. Accuracy level(Grade 2.0    Grade 1.0)
The calibration of the flowmeter is carried out using normal temperature water. If the measured medium is different, the flowmeter is calibrated with the actual medium, but it is not necessary to re-calibrate the medium with a viscosity of ≤ 5 mPa.s.
Five. Indication error
A. From the minimum flow rate to the low zone that does not include the boundary flow (Qt) ± 5%.
B. From including the boundary flow to include the maximum flow area: ± 2%.
C. In a certain flow range, the indication accuracy can be improved, especially up to ± 1%.

■ XSL-58 electronic display header performance and technical parameters
XSL-58 electronic display header and LWB flowmeter supporting the use of the following functions
A. The number shows the total value of traffic
B. Digital display flow instantaneous amount
C. The electronic display header has any frequency between 1-4095
D. Total instrument according to the order can be directly output 4-20mA standard DC signal
Signal output interface output signal 4-20mA DC current, the signal line using three-core shielded wire, which red line for the 24V power cord, yellow line for the 4-20mA output. Shielding for the common ground, load capacity ≤ 300Ω

■Flowmeter caliber and electronic display header display with the recommended table below
Flowmeter caliber Project

Instantaneous flow(m³/h)

Display the number of digits

Cumulative flow (m³)
Display the number of digits
25 9.99 99999.999
40-100 99.9 999999.99
150-250 999 9999999.9
300-500 999x10 9999999

■XSL-58 type basic parameters of the electronic table are shown in the table below
Basic parameter items data
input resistance >60KΩ
Input signal amplitude ≥0.7V Positive pulse
Input signal amplitude ≥3V(Load Resistance≤36KΩ)
Input signal frequency 0-50Hz
Maximum and minimum display digits table two
Working temperature -25℃-40℃
Relative humidity 35%-85%
Power supply voltage (DC) 3V-4.8V
Working current <80μA
Weight (including battery) 0.8KG
Dimensions (L x W x H) 170x120x78
life >20 thousand hours
Atmospheric pressure 80-110KPa

■ Model and specifications
Product Name: LWGY-B Double Electronic Turbine Flowmeter
Marking Example: LWB-50-26F indicates a flange-type removable flowmeter with a diameter of DN50mm and a nominal pressure of 26MPa.

■ Product specifications Dimensions are as follows
● Transmitter
● The specifications and dimensions of the flange type transmitter are shown in Table 4 and Figure 4-1
● The specifications and dimensions of the clamp type transmitter are shown in Table 5 and Figure 4-2
● The dimensions and dimensions of the welded transmitter are shown in Table 6 and Figure 4-3

■ flange type transmitter specifications and dimensions (Table IV)
Nominal diameter(mm) Nominal Pressure(MPa) Dimensions(mm)
Length width height Flange diameter Double head bolt hole center circle diameter Number and diameter of studs

General nominal pressure





250 170   115 85 4-14
40 270 190 284      
50 270 190 284 160 125 4-18
80 275 195 294 195 160



100 280 215/230 309 215/230 180/190



150 350 280/300 293/403 280/300 240/250



200 350 335/360 420/433 335/360 295/310




250 450 390/405/425 350/355/370 390/405/425 350/355/370




300 450 440/460/485 553/563/575 440/460/485 440/410/430




400 450 565/580/610 613/623/695      
500 450 670/705/730 668/685/758      

■Specification and dimensions of clamp type transmitter (Table 5)
Nominal diameter(mm) nominal pressure(MPa) Dimensions(mm)
40 17 270 210 288
25 290 225 293
50 17 270 210 288
25 290 225 293
80 17 305 210 292
25 320 225 297

■ Specifications and dimensions of welded transmitter (Table six)
nominal diameter(mm) nominal pressure(MPa) Dimensions(mm)
length width height
50 35 340 260 303
80 35 340 260 308
100 17 310 260 300
25 310 225 305
35 340 260 308

■ Selection of flow transmitter
One. Flow transmitter diameter selection
Before buying a flowmeter, you should first understand the size of the flow within the pipeline to frequent use of traffic close to the nominal flow is appropriate, when difficult to confirm, then refer to the pipe diameter
Determine the caliber of the flow transmitter.

Two. The choice of connection mode
Nominal diameter DN25-500, to withstand the pressure of 4.0MPa below the transmitter, the choice of flange connection, 4.0-35MPa can choose high-pressure flange connection. Special requirements and
Bulk supply options are available for clamps and welds.

■ Precautions for use
Flow meter and electronic watch head in the factory has been fully checked, the user received, please check the appearance, to confirm the transport without damage, and please read the instructions.
Pipeline connections should be strictly enforced according to pipe installation specifications, the pressure should not exceed the nominal pressure to confirm the pipeline without leakage before entering the working state.
Before the flow meter should be installed rectifier straight pipe, the general should ensure that 5xDN length.
When the flowmeter is installed, the flow direction of the liquid corresponds to the arrows indicating the flow direction of the flowmeter.

■ Ordering Inion
One.  Product model, installation method
Two.  Measured name, flow range
Three. Temperature and pressure


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