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BST Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
BST ultrasonic flowmeter is the perfect combination of ultrasonic technology and electronic technology. To accurately determine the ultrasonic sound waves in the fluid propagation time or frequency changes to measure the flow of fluid, is an energy-saving instrument. In fact, the use of intelligent, long-term stability and the realization of computer networking and other aspects of the traditional flowmeter has an unparalleled advantages.

Ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter, because the instrument flow channel does not set any obstructions, are unimpeded flowmeter, is suitable for solving the problem of flow measurement problems A class of flow meters, especially in large diameter flow measurement has more prominent advantages The But also in recent years to develop more rapid flow meter one.

Exquisite brand ultrasonic flowmeter, the use of advanced technology design and manufacturing for industrial environments without continuous measurement of large concentrations of suspended particles or gas without the vast majority of clean uniform liquid flow can be applied to a variety of liquid long-term online measurement, extensive For water, heating, water, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, energy and other industries. Exquisite ultrasonic flowmeter according to the host type can be divided into: portable, handheld, fixed one, wall-mounted, plate mounted, explosion-proof.

■ Product Features
One.  To achieve the installation and measurement of the tube, the tube fluid does not produce pressure loss, saving energy without leakage, no pollution and no         corrosion.
Two.  Installation and maintenance convenient, does not affect the production.
Three.  The use of single-chip, can easily enter the diameter, pipe, fluid and other related parameters, strong adaptability.
Four.  With power-down detection, data protection, and then power to resume operation.
Five.  Anti-interference ability, can work in harsh environments.
Six.  Performance and price ratio is better than similar imported instruments, and the price does not increase with the increase in diameter.

■ Installation method
Ultrasonic flowmeter consists of two parts: the probe and the measuring host. The probe is installed in the outer wall of the pipe. The installation method is Z-type, V-type and X-type according to the size of the pipe. Probe and measurement between the host with the probe cable connection, probe cable length see the technical parameters table (see the installation instructions for specific installation). Straight pipe requirements: measuring probe should meet 10D, after receiving the probe should meet the 5D (D for the pipe diameter)


■Outer clip installation diagram

External plug - in standard pipe flange interface data sheet(download)

nominal diameter(mm) L(mm) Flange size(mm) Sealing surface

Flange thickness C

D D1 N-Φ D2 f
80 250 200 160 4-18 132 3 20
100 300 220 180 8-18 156 3 22
125 300 250 210 8-18 184 3 22
150 350 285 240 8-22 211 3 24
200 400 340 295 12-22 266 3 24
250 450 405 355 12-26 319 3 26
300 500 460 410 12-26 370 4 28
350 550 520 470 12-26 429 4 30
400 600 580 520 16-32 480 4 32
450 700 640 585 20-30 548 4 34
500 800 715 650 20-33 609 4 36
600 1000 840 770 20-36 720 5 38
700 1100 910 840 24-36 794 5 40
800 1200 1025 950 24-39 901 5 42
900 1300 1125 1050 28-39 1001 5 44
1000 1400 1255 1170 28-42 1112 5 16

■Technical Parameters
species Time difference class BST-2312 Doppler class Time difference class portable
type BST-2112 Wall-mounted

BST-2312 Plug-in

π typeTable tube

BST-2612 Plug-in BST-2112B  
Accuracy class ±1.5% ±1.0% ±2.5%(After field calibration ±1.0%)
Repeatability ±0.2% ±0.2% ±1.0%
Flow rate range 0.2m/s-10.0m/s 0.05m/s-10.0m/s 0.3m/s-10.0m/s
Applicable diameter


Wall thickness≤35mm


Wall thickness ≤35mm


Wall thickness ≤35mm

output method Eight LED display, 4-20mA current, RS-232 interface Eight LED display, 4-20mA current Six LED display, μP-16 series printer  
Applicable fluid Tap water, circulating water, industrial water, all kinds of fuel, acid and alkali salt solution, chemical solvents. Various types of sewage, waste water, circulating water, pump pumping drainage, mud, coal slurry and other slurry, heavy oil, crude oil, mixed oil, water and oil mixture, industrial production of various two-phase or multi-.
Probe temperature Ordinary type -20 ℃-70 ℃; high temperature type <150 ℃.
Applicable pipe Steel, plastic, glass and other metal or scrap metal materials, the tube without thick lining or dirt layer.
power supply   220VAC 220VAC rechargeable battery 220VAC  
Size 270mmx140mmx400mm 270mmx140mmx400mm 210mmx180mmx100mm  
Weight 7.5kg 7.5kg 1.0kg  
Probe cable length


Special requirements are the longest 100m

12.5m 2.5m  

■ Selection Order Notice
One.  As far as possible to accurately understand the pipeline conditions, fluid conditions, with the lining of the pipeline and manufacturers to negotiate before the decision, the pipeline is a half pipe flow or Excessive measurement of gas in the liquid is poor.
Two.  Plug-in and π-type tube-type installation should be pipeline transion, by the company to provide the appropriate pipe accessories, in the design and order, please specify.
Three.  This flowmeter is an intelligent instrument, powerful, please read the product manual before use.


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