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LUXQ Vortex Precession Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
Vortex precession flowmeter is a new generation smart flowmeter which integrates flow, temperature and pressure measuring functions. with automatic temperature-pressure compensation. It adopts single chip microcomputer and micro-power technology. It has characteristics of powerful functions, reliable performance, compact structure and easy operation. It is the first choice for gas (especially natural gas) metering in industries such as petrochemical, electrical power, metallurgy, etc.. Its major technologies are at leading level in China.  
Rotary vortex flowmeter is a kind of temperature and pressure compensation integrated flowmeter, is the flow, temperature, pressure detection function in one, and can be temperature, pressure, compression factor automatic compensation of a new generation of intelligent flowmeter, the spin Vortex flowmeter uses advanced single-chip microcomputer technology and micro-power high-tech, powerful, stable performance; compact structure is simple, petrochemical, power, metallurgical and other industries gas measurement (especially natural gas) ideal instrument, the main technology In the leading domestic level.

Precision temperature and pressure compensation Integral precession vortex flowmeter corrosion resistance, stable performance, wide flow range, is the ideal measurement of gas medium flow meter. Temperature and pressure compensation Integral rotary vortex flowmeter can measure a variety of gases, while the steam-type precession vortex flowmeter can only measure the steam. After 60 years of continuous development, precision temperature and pressure compensation integrated rotary vortex flowmeter technology level has gone beyond and far ahead of the same industry level, my company flow meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, transportation, electricity, food And other industries.

■ How it works
▶Flow sensor works
When the fluid flowing along the axial flow into the flowmeter inlet, the spiral blade forced the fluid to rotate, so the spiral generator in the center of the spiral flow, vortex flow in the Venturi tube into the contraction, The effect of forced rotation of the secondary rotation. The rotational frequency of the vortex is proportional to the velocity of the medium and is linear. The weak charge signal detected by the two piezoelectric sensors is amplified and filtered by the preamplifier, and then the pulse signal is proportional to the pulse velocity of the two channels. The interference signal is removed and the signal is fixed in the shell Body temperature sensor, the pressure sensor to detect the temperature, pressure signal together, into the intelligent totalizer for computing. You can get traffic and related data. The formula of the precession vortex flowmeter is K = f / qv, where K is the meter meter coefficient, the number of pulses (m³); f is the vortex frequency Hz; qv is the volume flow m³ / s.

▶Flow Calculator works
The flow totalizer consists of a temperature and pressure detection analog channel and a microprocessor unit and is equipped with an external signal interface to output various signals. The microprocessor of the LUXQ flowmeter is compensated by the gas equation and automatically compresses the factor Correction.

■ Flowmeter Features
One. Set high temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer and one, can detect the medium temperature, pressure, flow, and flow automatic tracking compensation and compression factor correction, the direct detection of gas standard volume flow and Standard volume total.
Two. The use of advanced single-chip technology and high-performance integrated chip, machine powerful, superior performance.
Three. Circuit using surface mount technology, compact structure, high reliability.
Four. The use of advanced micro-power technology, internal and external power can work, the whole low power consumption.
Five. The use of high-contrast liquid crystal display, can display the standard volume, the standard instantaneous flow, the standard volume flow corresponding to the percentage of frequency, battery capacity indicator, temperature, pressure and date, and with a fault display alarm.
Six. Using floating-point operation and eight-stage instrument coefficient automatically corrected, and with fault self-diagnosis and alarm function.
Seven. Flow meter with a pulse signal output, can also be based on user needs to output 4-20mA standard analog signal.
Eight. With real-time data storage function, to prevent the battery and sudden power loss when the data loss; in the power failure state, the internal parameters can be permanently saved, but also query the flow meter running a lot of historical data.
Nine. Flow meter comes with real-time database, through the RS485 communication interface, can form a meter reading network, easy to collect and real-time data collection.
Ten. Double probe using dual-voltage crystal sensor technology, the use of new sensor detection circuit, the measured signal to identify, differential treatment, effectively suppressed due to pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibration on the flow meter to bring the impact of more Accurate and reliable.
Eleven. No mechanical moving parts, easy to corrosion, high reliability, good stability, long-term work without maintenance.
Twelve. Flowmeter instrument as a whole with explosion-proof function, can be used for the corresponding explosive dangerous places, explosion-proof grade: Exd ⅡBT4 protection class: IP65

■ Flowmeter structure
One. Flowmeter structure consists of five components (see below)
●Flow detection unit A
A1 Vortex Generator A2 Housing A3 Vortex Flow Sensor A4 Removal of the rotary rectifier
Flow Totalizer B
B1 shell B2 display window B3 output interface
●Temperature sensor assembly C
●Pressure sensor assembly D
●connector body E

■ Main technical parameters
One. Flow meter specifications, basic parameters and performance indicators

Model specifications nominal diameter flow range Pressure Level Accuracy class Meter factor Qmax pressure loss Note
LUXQ-20 20 1.5~15






380000 3.30

PN≤1.6MPa For aluminum or stainless steel shell

PN≥1.6Mpa For stainless steel shell

LUXQ-25 25 2~25 200000 2.04
LUXQ-32 32 5~50 90000 2.9
LUXQ-50 50 10~120 20000 1.91
LUXQ-80 80 30~380 4500 3.70
LUXQ-100 100 75~850 2000 5.90
LUXQ-150 150 150~2250 730 11
LUXQ-200 200 360~3600 210 12
Note: One. The instrument factor is approximately 2.Qmax is the maximum working volume flow
● standard state conditions P = 101.325Kpa; T = 293.15K (also according to the requirements of the zero state value of 273.15K)
● Conditions of use: Ambient temperature -20 ~ + 55 ℃ Medium temperature -20 ~ +80 ℃ Relative humidity 5% -95% Atmospheric pressure 86-106Kpa
● flow meter pressure loss: gas flow meter see above; liquid flow meter to be determined
Two. Electrical performance indicators
A. Power supply: a power supply section of the 3.6V lithium battery, the screen real-time display battery capacity, the battery voltage can work in 2.9-3.6V, when the voltage is lower than 2.9V, the undervoltage indication.
External power + 24VDC ± 15%, ripple ≤ 50mV, when the external power supply, the internal power supply automatically disconnect, the machine from the external power supply.
B. Output mode (need to add power supply ± 24V)
(3-wire system): directly to the flow sensor to detect the working pulse signal amplification output, amplitude 20-24V, transmission distance ≤ 300m, 4-20mA standard analog signal linear corresponding to 0-Qmax (standard instantaneous flow) , The flow range is set by the meter. Transmission distance ≤ 1500m, power supply + 24VDC external power supply.
RS-485 communication interface signal: directly with the host computer networking, remote can be measured by the temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow, the standard volume flow and instrument-related parameters. And dedicated MODEM supporting the use of telephone communications can be achieved.
C. Machine power consumption
The average power consumption of the internal power supply 3mW, a lithium battery (15Ah) can be used for two and a half years. External power supply: machine power consumption ≤ 1W.
Real-time data storage: In order to meet the needs of data management, increased real-time data storage capabilities, including: the last 12 months of monthly net traffic, the latest 360 days of net daily traffic.
The above data can be read using a laptop or desktop computer via the RS485 interface. According to user needs, the ion of data and graphs for analysis.
D. Pressure loss of flowmeter
Standard state, when the medium is dry air, the specifications of the flow meter pressure loss is different.
In different states, the pressure loss of the flowmeter is different for different .

■ Flowmeter selection
Users should be based on the pipeline output gas, the can reach the temperature and pressure range, the estimated maximum and minimum flow of the pipeline flow, the correct choice of flow meter specifications. When the two flowmeter caliber can cover the highest minimum flow, the pressure loss allows, should try to choose a small diameter.
Example: It is known that the actual working pressure range of a gas supply pipe is gauge pressure 0.8MPa-1.2MPa, medium temperature range is -10 ~ + 40 ℃, supply peak is 6500m³ / h, supply valley is 1350m³ / h The relative density d = 0.609, the high heat generation Hs = 40.62MJ / m³, and the local atmospheric pressure is 101.3Kpa, which requires the determination of the caliber of the flowmeter. The calculated atmospheric and atmospheric CO2 and H2 molar ratios are 0.0005 and 0.000 respectively.

■ Outline dimensions

Type Diameter L 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa H Note
D K n-d D K n-d D K n-d
LUXQ-20 20 160 105 75 4-φ14 105 75 4-φ14 105 75 4-φ14 375

Flange standard

LUXQ-25 25 180 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 380
LUXQ-32 32 200 140 100 4-φ18 140 100 4-φ18 140 100 4-φ18 400
LUXQ-50 50 232 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 420
LUXQ-80 80 330 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 450
LUXQ-100 100 410 220 180 8-φ18 235 190 8-φ22 235 190 8-φ22 455
LUXQ-150 150 580 285 240 8-φ22 300 250 8-φ26 300 250 8-φ26 515
LUXQ-200 200 700 340 295 12-φ22 360 310 12-φ26 375 320 12-φ30 560

■ Installation form (see below)
The flowmeter can be mounted vertically or at any angle.

If the user needs to compress the natural gas to correct the factor, the following data should be provided for the flow meter to be entered at the factory
A. Natural gas relative density (0.55 ≤ d ≤ 0.8)
B. The molar fraction of carbon dioxide in natural gas (0≤xCO2≤0.2)
C. The mole fraction of hydrogen in natural gas (0≤xH2≤0.2)
D. Natural gas High calorific value 30MJ • m-3≤Hs≤45MJ • m-3


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