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LUXQ-P Vortex Precession Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
When am axial flow enters the flowmeter inlet, helical blades force the fluid into rotation and produce a vortex flow in the center of the vortex generator. As the vortex flow precesses in the venturi tube and arrives at the contraction section, a secondary precession is generated by the back flow. The precession frequency is in linear proportion with the flow rate. A small electric signal, which is picked by two piezoelectric sensors,amplified, filtered and rectified by a pre-amplifier and ruled out of disturbance, turns to a two-channel pulse signal proportional to flow rate. The signal is transmitted to the smart totalizer together with temperature and pressure signals transmitted from sensors fixed on the housing. Flow rate and relevant data are obtained from the totalizer.
Fine rotary vortex flowmeter is divided into two types of ordinary and intelligent; ordinary type of precession vortex flowmeter product code LUXQ-P, such a flow meter can be displayed on-site or without display. Without the display of the precession vortex flowmeter through the remote signal will be directly output to the secondary instrument, the customer can view the fluid flow value through the secondary instrument. Ordinary rotary vortex flowmeter can measure a variety of gas flow: natural gas, city gas, compressed air, nitrogen and other industrial gases. Exquisite rotary vortex flowmeter after years of development and improvement, machine powerful, superior performance, good stability, good reliability, is one of the best choice for measuring industrial gases.

General type of precession vortex flowmeter working principle: When the flow of fluid along the axial flow into the flow meter inlet, the spiral blade forced fluid rotation, so the vortex generator in the center of the vortex flow, vortex flow in the Venturi tube Rotation, to reach the contraction section, due to the role of refueling for the rotation of the second rotation. The rotational frequency of the vortex is proportional to the velocity of the medium and is linear. The weak charge signal detected by the two piezoelectric sensors is amplified and filtered by the preamplifier, and then the pulse signal is proportional to the pulse frequency of the two-way frequency, and the interference signal is removed and the interference signal is fixed in the shell On the temperature sensor, the pressure sensor to detect the temperature, pressure signal together, into the intelligent totalizer for processing, you can calculate the flow and related data.
K = f / qv (where K = flow meter meter factor, pulse number / m³, f = vortex frequency Hz, qv = volume flow m³ / s)

■ Product Features

One. The use of advanced single-chip technology and high-performance integrated chip, machine powerful, superior performance.
Two. Circuit using surface mount technology, compact structure, high reliability.
Three. The use of advanced micro-power technology, internal and external power can work, the whole low power consumption.
Four. Flow meter with a pulse signal output, can also be based on user needs to output 4-20mA standard analog signal output.
Five. The use of high contrast LCD display, can display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow conditions.
Six. No mechanical moving parts, easy to corrosion, high reliability, good stability, long-term work without maintenance.
Seven. Flowmeter as a whole with explosion-proof function, can be used for the corresponding explosive dangerous places.

■ Main technical parameters
One。 Flow meter specifications, the basic parameters and performance indicators in the table below
Model specifications Nominal diameter(mm) Volume flow range
Working pressure level
Accuracy class(grade) Meter factor

Pressure loss

LUXQ-P20 20 1。5~15






380000 3.30 PN≤1.6MPaFor aluminum or stainless steel shell,PV≥1.6MPa For stainless steel shell
LUXQ-P25 25 2~25 200000 2。04
LUXQ-P32 32 5~50 90000 2。9
LUXQ-P50 50 10~120 20000 1。91
LUXQ-P80 80 30~380 4500 3。70
LUXQ-P100 100 75~850 2000 5。90
LUXQ-P150 150 150~2250 730 11
LUXQ-P200 200 360~3600 210 12
Note: One. The meter factor is an approximation
Two. Qmax is the maximum working volume flow rate
Three. Conditions of use: Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃; Medium temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; Relative humidity: 5% -95% Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
Four. Use of media: natural gas, city gas, compressed air, nitrogen and other industrial gases
Five. Flow gauge pressure loss: gas pressure loss in Table 1, the liquid pressure loss to be determined

■ Dimension table
Type Nominal diameter L 1.6MPa 2。5MPa 4.0Mpa H Note
D K n-d D K n-d D K n-d
LUXQ-P20 20 160 105 75 4-φ14 105 75 4-φ14 105 75 4-φ14 375 Flange standard
LUXQ-P25 25 180 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 380
LUXQ-P32 32 200 140 100 4-φ18 140 100 4-φ18 140 100 4-φ18 400
LUXQ-P50 50 232 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 420
LUXQ-P80 80 330 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 450
LUXQ-P100 100 410 220 180 8-φ18 220 190 8-φ22 235 190 8-φ22 455
LUXQ-P150 150 580 285 240 8-φ22 285 250 8-φ26 300 250 8-φ26 515
LUXQ-P200 200 700 340 295 12-φ22 340 310 12-φ26 375 320 12-φ30 560

■ Installation form (see Figure 6)

■ Precautions

One. When the gas contains large particles or longer fiber debris, the filter must be installed, as shown in Figure 6 above.
Two. The flowmeter can be installed vertically or at any angle.
Three. Outdoor installation, the upper should be covered, so as not to rain or sun exposure affect the flow meter performance or service life.
Four. Flowmeter around can not have strong magnetic field interference or strong mechanical vibration.
Five. The flowmeter needs to be grounded reliably, but not grounded with the strong electric system.
Six. Do not open the flowmeter at will, or arbitrarily twist each lead interface and temperature, pressure sensor interface.
Seven. The installation of explosion-proof flowmeter should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB3836, grounding should be reliable, installation and maintenance must comply with the relevant safety regulations.

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