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LWQZ Smart Gas Turbine Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
LWQZ gas turbine flowmeter is designed for various kinds of fuel gas and industry gas such as natural gas, city coal gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, etc.. With excellent precision and repeatibility, it is especially suitable for trade metering. Adopting German made self-lubricating precision bearings, the LWQZ flowmeter achieves high accuracy and wide measuring range (20:1). Oiling is not needed for small models and only casually needed for large models. LWQZ flowmeter is classified into smart type (with temperature-pressure compensation) and ordinary type (with or without site display).

LWQ series gas turbine flowmeter, suitable for measuring a variety of gas and industrial fields in a variety of gases, such as: natural gas, city gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and so on. Instrument accuracy, good repeatability, especially suitable for trade measurement. LWQ series gas turbine flowmeter with German imports of special self-lubricating precision bearings, high accuracy, wide range, (20: 1) small diameter in the general use of the next five years from the fuel, large diameter only occasionally refueling, use Convenience. LWQ series of gas turbine flowmeter can be divided into: intelligent (temperature and pressure compensation) and common type (with field display and no field display) two specifications.

Exquisite gas turbine flowmeter can measure the flow of various gas , customers need to provide the right conditions before the purchase of the parameters, the use of environment, to facilitate the correct selection. Exquisite gas turbine flowmeter, with advanced technology, excellent design, first-class quality and service by the majority of customers trust.


■About gas turbine flowmeter
LWQZ gas turbine flowmeter intelligent gas turbine flowmeter, with temperature and pressure compensation function, you can directly flow into the standard conditions of traffic flow, fine gas turbine flowmeter with a powerful new microprocessor, the operation accuracy High reliability, reliable performance, is the oil, electricity, metallurgy, industrial and civil boilers and other gas measurement and urban natural gas, gas regulator station measurement and gas trade measurement of the ideal instrument. Intelligent gas turbine flowmeter works is to enter the instrument of the measured gas, the contraction of the guide fluid through the cross-section acceleration, and then through the inlet channel on the turbine blade, so that the impeller rotation, turbine speed and measured gas volume into And the magnet is periodically changed by the magnet of the magnet on the rotating transmitter so that the sensor outputs a pulse signal proportional to the fluid.

The features of gas turbine flowmeter
One.: The use of magnetoresistive elements instead of magnetic-sensitive coils, which avoid the existence of magnetic attraction, and improve the detection sensitivity, further reducing the initial flow, and improve product reliability and stability.
Two: Set high-precision temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer in one, can detect the medium temperature, pressure, flow, and flow automatic tracking compensation and compression factor correction, direct detection of gas standard volume flow and Standard volume total.
Three: The use of advanced single-chip technology and high-performance integrated chip, machine powerful, superior performance.
Four: Circuit using surface mount technology, compact structure, high reliability.
Five: The use of advanced micro-power technology, internal and external power can work, the whole low power consumption.
Six: High-contrast liquid crystal display, can display the standard volume of the total (mass), the standard instantaneous flow (quality), working conditions, instantaneous flow, battery capacity indicator, temperature, pressure and date, time, and with a fault Display alarm.
Seven: The use of floating-point operations and six-stage instrumentation automatically corrected, and has a fault self-diagnosis and alarm function.
Eight: Flow meter with a pulse signal output, can also be based on user needs to output 4-20mA standard analog signal.
Nine: With real-time data storage function, to prevent the battery and sudden loss of data when the power loss, in the power failure state, the internal parameters can be permanently saved, but also query the flow meter running a lot of historical data.
Ten:  Instrument comes with real-time database, through the RS-485 communication interface, can form a meter reading network, easy to collect and real-time data collection.
Eleven: The instrument has the overall explosion-proof function, can be used for the corresponding explosive dangerous places. Explosion-proof grade: Exd ⅡBT4, protection class: IP65

■The main technical parameters
One: Model specifications and basic parameters

Model specifications nominal diameter(mm) Start flow (m³/h) Flow range
nominal pressure(MPa) Accuracy class Note
LWQZ-25 25 ≤0.6% Qmax 4-40




Grade 1.0





Grade 1.5





Medium temperature


Ambient temperature


Atmospheric pressure


Relative humidity


LWQZ-50A 50 10-100
LWQZ-50B 50 15-150
LWQZ-80A 80 13-250
LWQZ-80B 80 20-400
LWQZ-100A 100 20-400
LWQZ-100B 100 32-650
LWQZ-150 150 50-1000
LWQZ-200 200 80-1600
LWQZ-250 250 130-2500
Two. Measuring medium: natural gas, city gas and other gas, alkane and industrial inert gas.

Three. Electrical performance indicators
A, power supply: a power supply section of the 3.6V lithium battery, the screen real-time display battery capacity, the battery voltage in the range of 3.0-3.6V can work properly, when the voltage is lower than 3.0V,
No battery capacity grid display, need to replace the battery. External power + 24VDC ± 15%, ripple ≤ 50mV, when the external power supply, the internal power supply automatically disconnect, the machine from the external power supply.
B, the output mode (need to add power +24 V)
Mode pulse signal (three-wire) output, the flow sensor directly to detect the working pulse signal amplification output, amplitude 20-24V, transmission distance ≤ 300m. 4-20mA standard
Analog signal output, corresponding to (0-Qmax) m³ / h standard instantaneous flow, the flow range set by the instrument, transmission distance ≤ 1500m, power supply mode +24 VDC external power supply.
RS-485: directly with the host computer networking, remote can be measured for the temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow, the standard volume flow and instrument-related parameters.
C, the whole power consumption: the average power consumption of 3mw, a lithium battery (15Ah) can be used at least two and a half years. External power supply: machine power consumption ≤ 1w.
D: real-time data storage function: In order to meet the needs of data management, increased real-time data storage capabilities, including 12 months of monthly net flow, 360 days per day net flow.
The above data can be stored through the laptop or desktop computer through the RS485 interface to read, according to user needs to form data reports and graphs for analysis.
Four. Flowmeter pressure loss: gas turbine flowmeter to the loss, refers to the same nominal diameter of the straight pipe at both ends (import and export) between the pressure difference.

■Flow meter dimensions

■ Flowmeter installation diagram
Model diameter L 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa H Note
d k n-d d k n-d d k n-d
LWQZ-25 25 200 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 115 85 4-φ14 364

Flange standard

LWQZ-50 50 200 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 165 125 4-φ18 390
LWQZ-80 80 240 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 200 160 8-φ18 440
LWQZ-100 100 300 220 180 8-φ18 235 190 8-φ22 235 190 8-φ22 450
LWQZ-150 150 400 285 240 8-φ22 300 250 8-φ26 300 250 8-φ26 510
LWQZ-200 200 600 340 295 12-φ22 360 310 12-φ26 375 320 12-φ26 565
LWQZ-250 250 700 405 355 12-φ26 425 370 12-φ30 450 385 12-φ30 625

Flow meter installation diagram is as follows (recommended level of installation, the counter up)


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