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JDNZ V Cone Flow Restriction Device

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■Product Introduction
Differential pressure flowmeter applies Bernoulli's principle. It has been applied successfully in process control and flow measurement. Typical products are standard nozzle flowmeter, venturi tube flowmeter, orifice plate flowmeter, etc.. In the 1980's, a new concept was proposed in the US. The throttling device is suspended in the centerline of the tube and compresses the fluid toward the wall. The change in throttling pattern brings revolutionary achievement in DP flow metering.

Differential pressure flowmeter using Bernoulli principle, has been in the process control and flow measurement has been successfully applied. Its typical products are mainly standard nozzles, Venturi tube and orifice and other flowmeter. In the 1980s, a new concept was first proposed in the United States: throttle elements suspended in the center of the pipe where the fluid flows through the center of the pipe and compressed along the pipe wall. This change in the way of throttling brings the revolutionary results of differential pressure flowmeter.

JDNZ-type inner cone flow throttle device is based on the concept of the development of the flow tube for the throttle of the new differential pressure flow throttling device, it is the traditional Venturi structure made a qualitative change, the use of vertebral The throttle effect produced by the body in the flow field is used to measure the flow. Compared with the ordinary section of the fluid, it changed the throttle layout, from the central hole throttling to ring throttling. It is a collection of classic Venturi tube, ring orifice and wear-resistant plate and the advantages of a new generation of throttling device.

■ Design principle shows
V-shaped inner cone flow throttle device, compared with the general differential pressure flow throttle device, high accuracy, long-term accuracy and stability, good reproducibility, limited by the installation conditions, wear resistance, wide measuring range, suitable for dirty , The pressure loss is small. But also because the vertebral body itself as a flow field rectifier and become a unique performance of the excellent flow throttling device.

■ Measurement principle
Its principle is based on Bernoulli's law of energy conversion in closed pipes. Using the continuity equation of the fluid and the Bernoulli equation, the mathematical relationship between the measured flow rate and the output differential pressure can be deduced. The continuity equation is a mathematical expression of the application of moving fluid by the law of conservation of mass.

Measurement characteristics
One. Before and after the straight pipe requirements are shorter, generally upstream straight pipe ≥ 3D, downstream straight pipe ≥1D.
Two. Measuring range: better than 5: 1
Three. Good stability: long-term stability of the throttle area, β rate can be long-term change, to ensure accurate measurement.
Four. Pressure loss: only the orifice pressure loss of 1 / 2-1 / 3, close to the Venturi tube.
Five. Signal stability: vertebral trailing edge vortex small, poor pressure output stability, small fluctuations.
Six. Media no special requirements: Cone design to ensure that impurities will not survive, stuck.

■Technical Parameters
One. Basic error limit: ± 1%, ± 2%
Two. Repeatability: 1/2 of the basic error limit
Three. Working pressure: ≤ 10MPa
Foutr. Operating temperature: -40-700 ℃
Five. Flow range: Reynolds number Re = 1x105 ~ 1x107
Six. Ambient temperature: sensor -40 ~ 80 ℃; transmitter -25 ~ 80 ℃
Seven. Pipeline diameter: 50-700mm
Eight. Output signal: 4-20mA
Nine. Supply voltage: 24VDC
Ten. Applicable medium: measurable liquid, gas, steam and gas-liquid two-phase medium

■Product Identification
Type code JDNZ V - shaped inner cone flow throttling device
Special logo S Pipeline type
H On the folder
I Plug-in
Take pressure - Take the tube (default)
-F Flange pressure
Display parts None Only throttle devices are available
IN Integrated flowmeter
QU Mass flowmeter
Nominal diameter 100mm......900mm Nominal diameter from 100mm to 900mm
# Large caliber
Outside diameter series Pipe diameter large series
Pipe diameter small series
Vertebral material A SS304(SS321)
B SS316L(SS316)
C Other
Body material A 20#
B SS304(SS321)
C SS316L(SS316)
D Other
Nominal pressure 1 1.0MPa
2 1.6MPa
3 2.5MPa
4 4.0MPa
6 6.3MPa
10 10.0MPa
Take the pressure specifications N NPT(60°Taper tube thread)
R RC(ZG55°Taper tube thread)
H welding
M M20x1.5
Take the number of mouth None A group of take pressure
(2) Two groups to take pressure
High Accuracy    

■ Note: Integrated flowmeter, quality flowmeter products for the JDNZ pipeline expansion.

■Product Categories

One. V-shaped inner cone flow throttling device (basic type)
The product only provides differential pressure flow sensor (throttling part) that generates differential pressure signal, does not provide differential pressure flow transmitter and flow display part. The output signal is a differential pressure signal (kPa).
Two. V-shaped inner cone flow transmitter
The product provides differential pressure flow sensor and transmitter, does not provide flow display components, the output signal 4-20mA.
Three. V-shaped inner cone flowmeter
The product provides differential pressure flow sensor, intelligent integrated transmitter components. At the same time with communication interface RS485 or RS232, according to user requirements output 4-20mA.
Four. V-shaped inner cone mass flowmeter
The product on the basis of the taper flowmeter, automatic temperature, pressure measurement, the volume flow compensation calculation, direct display of the quality of the output metering fluid.

■Install the size table
DN Pipeline type Flange pressure type
A(mm) L(mm) Take the pressure specifications A(mm) B(mm) L(mm)
100 177 540 NPT1/2 280 195 680
150 193 710 NPT1/2 300 260 800
200 200 804 NPT1/2


329 900
250 226 885 NPT1/2 380 396 1000
300 247 946 NPT1/2 400 463 1100
350 264 960 NPT1/2 400 572 1200
400 288 995 NPT1/2 400 640 1300
450 302 1060 NPT1/2 420 708 1400
500 332 1204 NPT1/2 420 775 1400
600 367 1447 NPT1/2 420 900 1600
700 368 1754 NPT1/2 420 1000 1700
800 378 1774 NPT1/2 450 1200 1900
900 388 1794 NPT1/2 450 1300 2000
Note: pipe flange, pressure flange standard: GB / T9112-2000, HG20592-1997, HG20615-1997 and so on.
If there are special requirements on the connection size, please specify in the order contract.
Installation dimensions are as follows

Note: The integrated flowmeter, mass flowmeter series connection size see the same nominal diameter of the pipeline flow meter.
If the is special, need to do anti-corrosion insulation treatment, flow meter connection size to be designed according to work conditions.

Ordering instructions
Please fill in the following example to fill the conditions of the operating parameters table, the company under the conditions of the parameters to provide you with cost-effective products to meet your use.

1 Liquid name Diesel



Maximum flow 240
common flow 150
Minimum flow rate 80
3 Working pressure range(Map) 2.5
4 Use regional atmospheric pressure MPa(Gas dedicated) /
5 Medium temperature(℃) 20
6 Working fluid density(kg/m³) 800
7 The viscosity of the working fluid(mPa.s) 2
8 Isentropic index of working fluid  
9 Differential pressure
Allow the upper limit of differential pressure 100
Allow maximum pressure loss 10
10 Process pipeline situation The inside diameter(mm) 150
The Outside diameter(mm) 168
Material 20#
11 Flowmeter and pipe installation methods and standards (pipe, plug-in, Wifu) 2.5MPa Convex surface with neck flat welding flange (pipe type GB / T9112-2000)
12 Take the pressure / flange standard 1/2NPT
13 Pipeline laying Fluid flow from left to right
Upper resistance type and distance(mm) elbow 1000mm
Downstream resistance type and distance(mm) elbow 1000mm
Install the total length of the flowmeter section(mm) 710mm
14 Installation number 1#
15 Flowmeter model JDNZS-1501AA.3/N
16 Accuracy class 0.5
17 Output signal mode 4-20mA
18 special requirements no
19 Required accessories Connect pipe fittings
20 Order amount 6
21 Other requirements no


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