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EL-2008 Explosion-Proof Batch Controller

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■Product Introduction
EL-2008 Flameproof batch controller is a new type of intelligent explosion-proof quantitative control instrument, which uses high-performance microprocessors, is a real microcontroller system. It uses a backlit LCD display, not affected by light, simple structure, high reliability, can be directly installed in the explosion-proof operation site, tankers and other places need to spot quantitative measurement of the occasion. With a variety of pulse output flowmeter matching flow on the quality or volume of quantitative filling, measurement and control. The instrument can be inserted through the panel parameters, the implementation of control, with power protection function, is the ideal modern unit control instrument.

■Product features
One. Small-scale explosion-proof design, nice, Dimensions: 250 (high) × 200 (width) × 150 (deep)
Two. Can be installed by screws or expansion screws, directly installed in the explosion-proof site of the wall, column, tank wall or tanker, easy to install.
Three. Backlit LCD display, from the impact of ambient light, display intuitive, clear.
Four. With car and barrels of two kinds of delivery methods of any conversion, you can achieve the volume or quality of two kinds of measurement methods.
Five. Has a standard RS-485MODBUS communication protocol, easy to communicate with other host computer system.

■The main technical parameters
One. Flow signal input: two-wire or three-wire (pulse) frequency signal.
Two. Temperature signal input: 4-20mA current signal input, the upper and lower temperature adjustable.
Three. Grounding signal input: dry contact input, disconnect the alarm.
Four. Overflow signal input: dry contact input, closed alarm.
Five. Output signal
A. A valve control output: 24V, 0.1A (with DC24V general purpose relay)
B. Two-stage valve control output: 24V, 0.1A (with DC24V general purpose relay)
C. Pump control output: 24V, 0.1A (with DC24V general purpose relay)
D. shift data signal output: can be connected to highlight the scene large-screen data display, synchronous display real standard 485 communication, communication protocol for the RS-485MODBUS RTU.
Maximum Accumulation: 999999 (liter, kg or ton)
Setting range: 1-999999, advance range: 1-99
Pulse equivalent setting range: 0.0001-99.9999L / P
Density setting range: 0.0001-9.9999 kg / liter
Cumulative error: ± 1 pulse
Interval: 1-99s Batch: 1-99 times
Use ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Power supply: AC220V or DC24V; machine power: 30W
Overall dimensions: 250 (high) X200 (wide) X150 (wall-mounted)
Electrical interface: G4 / 3 "X4

■The machine has three approved quantitative control mode
One. Local mode: local operation mode, all operations are completed in the batch controller, the controller has full authority, the data can be uploaded to the DCS or other host system acquisition, display.
Two. Remote mode: all operations are completed on the host computer. Home parameters, modify the operation in the host computer to achieve remote control PC has full authority. The Batcher only has the ability to view the parameters, the pending pause.
Three. Ticket control mode: the host computer out of the ticket, the batch controller to enter the ticket number, call the host computer corresponding to the ticket number of the delivery parameters, the implementation of the batch operation by the batch controller. But the controller does not have permission to modify the parameters.

■System composition and wiring diagram

■Ordering instructions

One. Please specify the signal, name and number of required instruments when ordering.
Two. Name of the fluid to be tested: the diameter of the pipe and the working environment.
Three. Indicate the matching flowmeter model and the sender's output mode (two-wire or three-wire system, the transmitter power supply)
Four. Temperature transmitter, control valve and cable and other components of the model and specifications, self-configuration in accordance with the technical requirements of this product matching.


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