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PCYS-02 Tank Area Supervisory Management System

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■System Introduction
PCYS-02 tank monitoring and management system is a new generation tank monitoring and management system designed by our company to realize the automatic management of the reservoir area, the automatic management of the tank area and the safety of the field equipment. The system mainly completes the daily Production operations, security, operational management, scientific production scheduling function.

The use of irrigation monitoring and management system, in the reservoir area or tank area, through hardware integration, software programming, real-time collection and processing of storage tanks stored in the relevant data, according to the specific needs of the relevant reserves, And other related management data; through the configuration, real-time monitoring and control of related equipment and the process parameters, through the network communication system, so that the management of the layers of real-time understanding of the reservoir area, tank reserves and sales Happening. The application of the tank monitoring and management system greatly improves the automation management and operation capability of the reservoir area, the tank area, removes and reduces the unnecessary interte links, strengthens the internal management and improves the overall operational efficiency so as to realize the economy of the whole system operation Reasonable and efficient.

■System configuration (as shown below)
PCYS-02 tank monitoring and management system is mainly composed of high-performance, high reliability industrial control computer (IPC), data acquisition and control unit (ADAM or PLC) and all kinds of field instruments combine to achieve the sharing of all parts of the signal and coordination , Complete the comprehensive monitoring and management functions. The system is suitable for the process management and control of various storage and transportation equipment in the tank area. It is used to complete the process parameter detection and display of the data acquisition and management system of the tank area, and the equipment status detection display control and inion storage check the printing report.

■System function (software structure as shown below)
One. Processing acquisition and processing: real-time measurement of a tank level, interface, temperature, density, volume, weight and field combustible gas concentration, valve pump status and other parameters. Detection of the output signal of the instrument, whether it is analog signal or 485/232 serial output signal, can be input to the computer through the signal acquisition device, and then the appropriate data processing.
Two. Display and alarm function: The display dynamically shows the bar level of each tank level and water level. When the level or water level exceeds the set value, the speaker connected to the operation site will issue a voice warning to remind the operator.
Three. Database management functions: the database is an important part of the system management software, which includes the month database, historical database, system parameters database and savings volume table database. The data in the database in the month will exceed the specified time and it will be automatically transferred to the historical database. During the operation of the system, the database can be queried, deleted, saved or printed.
Four. Report printing function: According to customer requirements to develop various types of statements and content, report output points automatically and manually random two print output.
Five. Operation protection function: mainly to prevent unauthorized personnel to operate the monitoring system, the system has an alarm on the wrong operation, while in the important operation are equipped with password protection.
Six. Online parameter adjustment function: the system can be simple and convenient on the monitoring point of various inion such as range, upper and lower limits, units, migration, etc. authorized to modify online.
Seven.PID adjustment function: PID, including the adjustment of various process parameters.
Eight. Network communication function: the system can use two standard configuration of the PC as a detection management computer, one placed in the field monitoring room, the other set in the business management room, two computers were connected through the LAN, so that management Policy makers are able to keep track of the operation and production of storage tanks.


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