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PSC-06 Distributed Autocontrol Dispensing Management System

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■Product Introduction
PCS-06 distributed automatic control distribution management system, is my company developed and produced a new generation of decentralized control, centralized management of oil depot oil, chemical products, quantitative filling system, mainly for the petrochemical sector oil depot oil and chemical products in the transceiver process control And management. The system of oil conversion using the latest national standard GB factory r1885-1998, with high measurement accuracy, good stability, easy installation and simple operation, is to achieve oil depots and chemical storage and transportation automation control and distribution of the ideal equipment.

■The system consists of the following:
One. Lower position machine (EL-5092BK type explosion-proof value control instrument), distributed in the oil column position, easy to field operation and observation.
Two. Host computer (control management machine) on the business billing room or control room, with multi-machine billing function.
Three. System using decentralized control, centralized management mode, the next machine can network / off work, with stand-alone work function.

■System Features
One. The system can generally be linked to 12 under the machine (according to need, can be extended to up to 64 units)
Two. Real-time monitoring, dynamic display of the lower machine hair work.
Three. The system has a designated delivery or similar varieties of goods in any type of cargo delivery.
Four. The lower computer has a static grounding, oil spill protection monitoring function, the use of monitoring the resistance of the principle of resistance to improve the oil, chemical raw materials issued by the safe operating capacity.
Five. Important parameters in the machine stored in the EEPROM, not affected by the battery and power-down protection circuit.
Six. System function status, parameter settings can be on-site combination, and with inventory management, ticket reporting, data backup and other functions, and generate the corresponding log.
Seven. The system can query the year, month, day, time, a unit or a vehicle number and the release of a certain material, and can be combined query, with data classification statistics and report generation print.
Eight. The system for hierarchical management, and no corresponding password lock.
Nine. With the system at the next level of networking, to achieve the company billing, delivery orders for single delivery of the organic combination (extended function).
Ten. Can easily produce a variety of forms, notes, can be easily configured.
Eleven. Can be shared with the LAN inion and data, and has extended functionality, you can easily increase the cargo.

■The composition of the integrated management system is as follows


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