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LPG Liquid Feeding Machine

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JQ060L type liquefied petroleum gas filling machine

■ Product Introduction
JQ060L- (A, B, C, D, E) type filling machine is designed and manufactured by Hefei Jingda Instrument Co., Ltd. on the basis of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. It is used for liquefied petroleum gas. One of the main equipment of the gas station. The machine is equipped with high precision volumetric flowmeter, microcomputer control, large LCD display counter and a variety of control valves and protection devices to ensure safe operation. Filling machine using advanced manufacturing technology, with reliable quality and excellent operating performance, with quantitative filling accurate, easy maintenance and maintenance, to focus on control and other characteristics, and can adapt to the needs of the national tax after the tax. Each gun in the filling machine has a separate flow and metering system, when the gas does not affect each other. Small cabinet filling machine for the use of civil liquefied gas tank filling, replacement air gun can be used for car filling; four guns and six gun filling machine, mainly for urban bus filling. This product to meet the "overall explosion-proof" requirements, in line with GB3836-2000 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres" standard of the relevant provisions. Explosion-proof mark Exmdib II AT4.


■ Product labeling
JQ060L-A-1G Cantilever Single Gun Filling Machine
JQ060L-B-2G gantry guns
JQ060L-C-1G small cabinet filling machine
JQ060L-D-4G gantry four gun filling machine
JQ060L-E-6G gantry six gun filling machine


■  The main technical parameters

      One, single-shot flow: 10L / min ~ 60L / min
Two, the maximum working pressure: 2.5Mpa;
Three, the working environment temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +55 ℃;
Four, measurement accuracy: 1.0%;
Five, power: AC220 ± 15%, 50 ± 1Hz
Six, Explosion-proof grade: Exmdib II AT4

■ The main function

One) automatic control of the filling process, in the inflatable process can double-sided automatic display of gas, the amount of gas and unit price (show with luminous)
Two) inflatable filling gas pricing display: "gas", "unit price of one yuan / L", "the amount of one yuan", and with a pressure gauge to show pressure
Three) with power data protection, showing the current heating data
Four) large capacity storage, can query no less than 12,000 times the filling data;
Five) monitoring system: to monitor the heating process of the temperature, flow control inflatable speed, when the pressure, flow exceeds the standard when the automatic valve protection;
Six) built-in import clock system, power is still accurate and reliable time;
Seven) can always query the total cumulative amount;
Eight) with a fixed amount of gas, the amount of pre-set filling function;
Nine) Adjustable flow rate and density;
Ten) configuration of the inlet ball valve;
Eleven) can check each filling data, and filling time;
Can check the cumulative amount of gas, the amount of total accumulated gas, the total accumulated amount;
Twelve) with automatic detection fault function, can automatically display the fault code;
Thirteen) in the inflatable process can directly show the flow rate, temperature, to ensure safe filling;
Forteen) with manual emergency shut-off valve;
Fifteen) no traffic signal, automatic shutdown, to protect the interests of owners;
Sixteen) with RS485 communication, with the gas station computer management system communication;
Seventeen) with a small ticket printing function;
Eighteen) with all the features of the IC card filling machine, filling machine to obtain national explosion-proof certification;
Nineteen) IC card machine linkage filling machine, the use of advanced algorithms to generate management IC card key.
To ensure that the IC card user data security;
Twenty) small flow protection;
Twenty-one) Optional metal keyboard;
Twenty-two) all parameters using a password access, enter the correct password to modify the relevant equipment inion.
Twenty-three) Alpine areas can be installed on the electronic equipment insulation device.

■ Installation foundation drawing

                             JQ060L-B-2G Aerator foundation map            
Machine size:Length×width×height=900×520×18502080mm
weight:about 300Kg




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